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Prelude to Solitude (Poetry Book) by Gregory William Goodrich (Pre-Order)

Prelude to Solitude (Poetry Book) by Gregory William Goodrich (Pre-Order)


An eclectic debut of metaphysical poetry by Gregory William Goodrich (including "Elucidation" and "Inclinations" published July 2016 by Michigan State University's Literary Magazine The Offbeat)

Gregory William Goodrich is a 25 year-old poet from Los Angeles blending elements of modern rhythms and lyricism with concepts from contemporary and classical literature, along with a self-analytical perspective. Currently studying English Literature with an emphasis in creative writing, published four times in his youth, the author has taken his time, nearly four years, in order to find the right maturity and voice for this work and in formulating the schemes and wordplay present in the poetry and prose in this book. Escaping from the saturation of the current affairs in poetry, this 8 1/2" x 11" book is printed to serve as ornament, and to be sat with and experienced in solidarity. This is not a pocket book, this is not a work for kindle and other reading applications, and no digital copies will ever be released. Exclusively in print, this work serves to remind us of the value of detaching from our own perspectives in order to fully attempt comprehension of another's.


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